Create the wall and other breakthroughs

Carter and I had a breakthrough yesterday. It didn’t come easily. Laura had me ride first — which is the first in quite a long time… maybe even since I started at Shadowood. Carter and I trotted off…but it wasn’t an easy trot. He wasn’t exactly forward and he wasn’t staying on the bit – even with the whip. Laura and I realized that although he had an extended trot there was no way I was going to be able to get a collected canter. So, off I went and on she went. I knew as soon as she hopped on he’d be forward, collected, and ready to go. And, it wasn’t more than a few minutes and he was. It wasn’t until Laura exaggerated her hand placement and her leg movements that the light bulb went off. I finally SAW her outside hand steady and placed firmly at the saddle while her inside hand (exaggerated for effect) was moving him, bending him, turning him, coaxing him. VIOLA! She jumped off and I back on and we had the ride of our lives! I still have much work do to, but we had a breakthrough (or at least I did) and as long as Laura reminds me to create the wall, hand planted on the saddle I’m hoping that next ride will be the ride of our lives, too!

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